DYNTEST Emission Control Systems from CPK Automotive for DPF

As a supplier of emission control systems for monitoring and controlling the after treatment of engine exhaust gases, CPK Automotive has developed and markets the tried and tested DYNTEST Bus System. This emission control system enables the electronic control and monitoring of components such as diesel particulate filters (DPF).

The ControlBox (Data logger) is the central means of control in the reliable emission control system and can operate with just about any make or type of engine and exhaust system installed in the vehicle. It also allows you to use any type of fuel additive. It monitors, measures, logs and controls the DPF (e.g. temperature, backpressure). The data logger triggers an alarm if it detects error messages, and stores the collected data. Besides this, the data logger guarantees monitoring of the DPF regeneration and gives an impression about the current status of the DPF.

The system offers operational efficiency at a reasonable price – an attractive combination that will give you a long-term competitive advantage.

CPK goes China

On CPK`s Blog you can follow our Sales Engineer Timur Aslantas on his business trip to China in 2017. Timur will report about his experinces in China on a daily basis.

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Get to know RemCo II

Short overview of the RemCo II Module from CPK Automotive. Main focus is on the DYN@pp and its functions. How to connect via smartphone app to an RemCo II module for downloading data from the ControlBox or having a look at the live vehicle data (e.g. temperature, pressure, rpm).


Data analysis and remote maintenance from any place in the world


The latest development of CPK Automotive GmbH & Co. KG from Muenster/Germany, RemCo II®, supplements the established DYNTEST – family and allows data analysis and remote access to the DYNTEST -ControlBox from any place in the world. The RemCo II® module is very cost effective and can be easily integrated.

Besides the hardware module itself the smartphone application DYN@pp® is the core of the RemCo II® – system. DYN@pp® is available for the common operating systems IOS and Android. The hardware communication between the RemCo II® module and the well-known DYNTEST -ControlBox is based on the established DYNTEST -bussystem. The compatibility to current and older DYNTEST - ControlBox versions was of the utmost importance during the development process.
The encrypted data is transferred via Bluetooth to the smartphone. DYN@pp® sends the data automatically to a server once the smartphone has access to the internet. The data can be accessed on a web portal by authorized users. That means, the data is available for analysis while the machine is still working underground. Possible abnormalities are discovered at an early stage and measures can be planned on time predictive diagnosis.
Additionally, to the data download RemCo II® allows remote access to the ControlBox and also to the RemCo II® - module itself. By using the CPK Terminal software the user logs in on the server via an internet connection. A list with all RemCo II® - systems that are ready for connection and the user is authorized for is shown. That means a smartphone with active DYN@pp® is connected with both, a RemCo II® – system and also the internet. After selecting one RemCo II® - Module the system provides the full functionality of the CPK Terminal software, e. g. change parameter settings, watch online data and even modify software remotely.
„The requirements for the RemCo II® - module were developed in numerous workshops with our customers. The technical realization enables our customers to fulfill their service contracts in an efficient and resource-saving manner. Consequently, RemCo II® is a tool that provides competitive advantages. The applications for RemCo II® are not limited to the exhaust aftertreatment market” said CEO Frank Noack.
The compact RemCo II® - module with the dimensions of appr. 60x60x30 mm is specified for ambient temperatures of -40…+85 °C and supply voltages of 9…32 V DC. The module fulfills protection grade IP67. Further variants e. g. with integrated GPS data acquisition are under development.

Function RemCo II

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Learn more about CPK Automotive´s products

As a supplier of emission control systems for monitoring and controlling the after treatment of engine exhaust gases, CPK Automotive has developed and markets the DYNTEST Bus System.
The DYNTEST system enables the electronic control and monitoring of components such as diesel particulate filters (DPF) or selective catalytic reduction (SCR) systems. As an emission control system it controls active regeneration and passive regeneration like HC dosing and FBC dosing. Furthermore, it enables fleet control and management.

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Integer Emissions Summit & AdBlue® Forum China 2017


Celebrating it’s 10th year,  Integer Emissions Summit & AdBlue® Forum China 2017 will return to Beijing on 16 – 18 May. This firmly established, leading emissions control conference will address the challenges and opportunities that the implementation of China VI is likely to present, and examine cost-effective, compliant emissions reduction strategies.

The conference will bring together over 250 senior executives from across the Chinese and global on-road and non-road industries. More than 40 industry experts will share important insights into emissions control strategies and explore the latest advanced emissions control and aftertreatment technologies.

- See more at: https://www.integer-research.com/conferences/ies-china-2017/#sthash.zAPnK4hf.dpuf

Installation of CPK Datalogger in Iran


Since February 2014 a project to reduce emissions from heavy duty vehicles has started with the support of CPK Automotive in Iran (Teheran). Working closely with the local authorities and universities the test vehicle was carefully identified.

In Teheran the first test bus was equipped with diesel particulate filter and electronic control unit (incl. GSM/GPRS Module) from CPK. The bus is operating in Tehran (South-North direction). CPK Automotives ControlBox (ECU) collects data from the diesel particulate filter. Based on the collected data a decision will be made if diesel particulate filter will be equipped on busses nationwide. Additional test vehicles will follow soon.

King Long Bus in Teheran Datalogger installed in Teheran

Engine Emission control system for public buses in Bogota


A project to reduce emissions from heavy duty vehicles (public busses- TransMilenio)  has just started with the support of CPK Automotive in Bogota.

Working closely with the local authorities and universities the test vehicles were carefully identified. They were equipped with diesel particulate filters and electronic control units (incl. GSM/GPRS Module) from CPK.

CPK Automotives electronic device (ECU) collects data from the diesel particulate filter and will compile a data base of comparable data for all vehicles.

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The BahnLogger is used for trains and freight trains. Vehicle data and
data from DPF are monitored, controlled and logged.

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DYNCHECK Control Pump

Manually operated pump with manometer for pressure checks

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