World Automotive Diesel Emissions Summit

With the latest updates of China’s emission standards for pollutants from motor vehicles, diesel engines and after-treatment systems are also developed rapidly. With the national emission standards being updated from GB III to GB V, SCR is expected to be used as a required after-treatment system for diesel engines. In that case, automotive-grade urea, an essential exhaust treatment fluid in the SCR system, will have huge development potential in the future.

The International Diesel Vehicle Exhaust (NOx) Treatment Summit 2015 was focused on issues of shared concern such as new China standards emission requirements on engines, popularization of SCR system and the implementation of GB V standards.

CPK Automotive was actively present at this summit, together with our Chinese parent company; Heinzmann China-Shanghai. We have shared and introduced advanced experiences from Europe and North America to help domestic diesel vehicle manufacturers set a clear development objective. The feedback was very positive, especially because we were able to share many realistic emissions monitoring experiences we have gathered in the last 15 years in this market segment (more than 100.000 Dyntest Dataloggers installed worldwide!)

CPK Automotive will continuously play an active role in further business development activities on Chinese market, together with Heinzmann China.

Our next event in China: Integer Emissions Summit, 10-12 May, 2016 - Shanghai

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